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Today`s time is changing, so the new generation`s thinking and the lifestyle of living are changing too. It is directly affecting families. In today`s youth life, no one likes interference, even if they are their parents! Today`s youth has to face too much insecurity about their careers, then in changing circumstances, if someone wants to settle in a foreign country, then one finds a future in their own country, metropolises. In this round, they can not stay in a place, and in such a situation, they begin to feel burdened with their parents` responsibility. The centralization of the population in the cities and the fierce competition is also a major reason for the distortion from the elderly. In this way, they want to get rid of this burden and as a `old age` they get `disabled solution` of the problem.

The elderly are forced to go to the ashram after getting rid of all their life and all their earnings of life, leaving their hands free and helpless, and then keep away from the rest of their lives, and keep on torturing them. The biggest thing is that such acts are being seen more by the rich-class society, in the name of the so-called modernity and the big society! These people usually hear this thing nowadays that Western society has been affected in our society and old age homes are also part of the same deformity. But such people forget one thing that our culture and civilization are quite different than the Western countries. In the West, children become independent as adults and raise their own responsibility. They do not remove the parents from the house, but leave the home of the parents themselves. On the contrary, we have all the needs of our needs, whether they fulfill their studies and start earning and then keep the attention of our parents. Here is a tradition and culture to raise children! For this, parents do not leave their lives in their lives and spend all their earnings on their children without worrying about their future. And even on their immovable property, children automatically begin to understand their rights. Obviously, we want to take the property of the elderly, but do not want to give them emotional support in the remaining moments of their lives! After all, what kind of character is it that is going to hurt our old people?