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For normal living, every person has some rights over his family, work, government and society, which are determined by mutual understanding and rules. Under this, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was officially recognized by the UN General Assembly on December 10, 1948, in which each person has been given some special rights by the Indian constitution. So every year on 10th December Human Rights Day is celebrated.

Human rights refer to all those rights which are related to the person's life, liberty, equality and prestige. All rights are described in the name of basic rights in Part III of the Indian Constitution and are enforceable by the courts, whose 'Indian Constitution' not only guarantees, but also punishes those who violate it. In fact, the human rights law was brought into force in India from September 28, 1993 and the 'National Human Rights Commission' was formed on October 12, 1993, but the UN General Assembly approved the declaration on 10 December 1948. On December 10, the day was fixed for Human Rights Day.