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  • To help the Nation to arrive at goal health for all.
  • To establish and manage Hospital`s, Dispensary, Mobile-Dispensary, Medical check up centers and provide all medical facilities and services to the people for better health in general.
  • To maintain the honor and dignity and to upload and safeguard the rights of patients.
  • To establish development maintain hospitals, Medical schools and colleges, Nursing institutions, Dispensaries, Maternity homes, Child welfare centers 25 % of the indoor beds would be kept reserved for free treatment to poor patients.
  • To promote consciousness educational/welfare and treatment programs to control the AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes, Leprosy, Tuberculosis, Syphilis, Heart, Skin and other disease.
  • To establish and promote training, Welfare and rehabilitation for Blindness, Deafness, Dumbness, Lunatic Physical Disability patients.
  • To Provide aid to the physically Handicapped people in respect to artifical limbs and to give them vocational training in diferent fields to make the independent.
  • To promote and advance the science of Alternative systems of Medicine, Electro-Homeopathey, Naturopathy, Indoallopathy, Magneto Theraphy, Accupressure, Acupuncture, Patent Medicines, Modern Medicines, X-ray Technology, Laboratory sciences and technology and other fields of indian medical system/sciences.
  • To take land on lease/purchase basis for prodiction of herbs, Spaces and to set up science centre for Researsch and Development of herbs and spices including opening Ayurvedic Medical collage to promise indian herbs and spices.
  • To open centers / institutes for diagnostics curative and research of centre, AIDS, TB, and other deadly disease.
  • To provide Ambulance facilities with first aid facilities.
  • To arrange and organize EYE and BLOOD donation camps.
  • To survey & detect the unauthorised and bogus, Doctors, Medicines wine, Food , Pharmacy, Drugusts, Medical Institutions, Eye Camps and tane necessary but lawful action to control medical corruption.
  • To make best efforts and organize various kinds of programs and/or activities to family planning and to diffuse the useful knowledge about the medicines, Equipments, Methods, Used for family planning and also provide the family counselling facilities.
  • To start research on disease due to pollution and to provide the medical assistance/aid to the concerned patients.
  • To accept donation, Grantspresents, Gifts and other offerings in the attaintment of the aims and objects of the society.
  • To purchase/acquire the land and or the building in the name of the society and make constructions thereupon.
  • To do such other things/acts/activities which are necessary and which may be incidental or conducive to the attaitnment of the object of the society. The society will invest its money and funds accordidng to sec.11(5) of income Tax Act, 1961. All the activities shall be non profitable and shall be done on "No profit-no-loss" basis.
  • To open and run educational and vocational schools or institutions to bring education within the reach or poor & backward children in all over india.
  • To provide libraries publish books on educational cultural& social subjects organize discussions & seminars to impart knowledge & understanding amongst the people.
  • To provide hostles & residential accommodations that may be considered for the students & for each member of the staff that may be made eligible for it.
  • To establish & maintain institutions for the handicapped & for adult educations like vocational training in vocations shorthand & type writing, Social science, Languages, Fine Arts, Crafts, Music, Painting, Modeling, Physical trainning etc.
  • To provide the best education available in some of the best schools in delhi/all over india. Emphasis would be on character building, self discipline & the development of the creative & social facilities.The society aims at producing well informed & well assured young children just the kinds of children that our country needs.
  • To strive to need changing need of providing comprehensive education to develop various of personality and to impart education to children on the most modern lines & provide an environment congenial to growth & development of the children.
  • To arrange & Organize the social cultural & educational programmes from time to time.
  • To provide free meals, Clothes, Medicines and other needy to the poor and needy children of widows.
  • To establish, Develop, Maintain and run schools, Colleges, Deemed universities research centre, Libraries, Readings rooms, Coaching for comertitive examinations for higher studies and technical education and/or other similar charitable institutions, Solely for educational purposes including moral educatin for the benefit and use of the general public.
  • To promote welfare, Social cultural, Charitable, Health education, Humanitarian, And relief activities that will protect, Safeguard, Improve the quality and raise the standard of human life, Particularly economically weaker sections of society, Irrespective of caste creed race color, Sex or religion so that they lead healthy, Happy contented and dignified life.
  • To help and collaborate in establishing and running medical centres, Old age homes, Ashrams, Rehabiliton, Institution for the destitutes, Vocational training centre for the handicapped and self job-oriented activities for the unemployed.
  • To offer scholarships, Stipends and financial support to deserving students in pursuing higher studies in medicine Art, Science, Engineering and computer technology.
  • To undertake and support any programme or projects that educational, Recreational, Social, Cultural and spritual activities with the sole purpose of promoting peace, Love, Toleranceand national integration among the various communities of the country and Nationalities of the world.
  • To sponsorship of economically weak persons for institutional care.
  • To collaboration with other voluntary organizations to accomplish the above objects.
  • To Affiliation with other national and international organizations engaged in Welfare, Educational, Health, Education, National integration and peace-promotion activities.