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Children are protected in the form of the most essential property for their country, whereas due to the misunderstanding and poverty of their children children are becoming the cause of the country's weakness rather than the power of the country. Despite the welfare of the welfare of the welfare of the society and many awareness campaign by the government, most of the children below poverty line are forced to work every day.

Children for any nation were like a powerful scent of new flowers While some people illegally push these children into child labor wages for a small amount of money, the future of the country is also worse. Giving. These people mess with the ethics of children and innocent people. The responsibility of saving children from child labor is the responsibility of every citizen of the country. It is a social problem that has been running for a long time and needs to be eradicated from the root.

After the independence of the country, many rules and regulations were made to eradicate it, but no one proved to be effective. It is directly related to the destruction of children's innocence in mental, physical, social and intellectual way. Children are a beautiful art form made of nature but it is not at all right that due to some bad conditions, they have to work so hard to reach the right age.

Child labor is a global problem which is very common in developing countries. Parents or people below the poverty line can not bear the expenses of their children's education and they do not even have the required money for their livelihood. Because of this, they take their children into hard labor instead of sending them to school. He believes that sending children to school is a waste of time and earning money at a young age is good for the family. The bad effects of child laborers need to be educated immediately with the poor as well as rich people. They should provide all kinds of resources which they lack. The rich should help the poor, so that their children can get all the necessary things in their childhood. To eradicate this, the government must make stringent rules and regulations.

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