Approximate 100 + students stand on their own foot and give a message to the society that women can change the system.

Even in the empowerment of women, we are talking about the same capability, where women are independent of all the bonds of family and society and are the creators of their decisions.
To empower women to take their own personal independence and self-judgment, it is only women's empowerment. By leaving behind the boundaries of family and society, giving rights to women from all aspects of decisions, rights, thoughts, minds etc., is to make them independent. In all areas of society, both men and women will be brought together in equal measure. Women empowerment is very important for the bright future of country, society and family. Women need a clean and suitable environment so that they can take their own decisions in every field even if it is for themselves, country, family or society. As a necessary weapon to make the country fully developed and achieving the goal of development, women's empowerment is in the form of empowerment.

Half of the population is women in this country, so women empowerment is very important to make the country fully powerful. To give women the right to explain their right to be independent in every area for their proper growth and development. Women give birth to a child in the form of a future of the nation, so that they can contribute the best way to the nation's bright future by the development and growth of the children. Women need to be empowered rather than being compelled to suffer for anti-female opponents.
To empower women with legal rights, there are some Acts passed by Parliament - An Equal Remuneration Act 1976, Dowry Stop Act 1961, Unethical Trade (Prevention) Act 1956, Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act 1987, Child Marriage Prevention Act 2006 , Gender Testing Techniques (Prevention of Controller and Misuse) Act 1994, Women's Sexual Abuse Act 2013 at Workplace.

Even though many Indian women in today's society have become President, Prime Minister, Administrative Officer, Doctor, Lawyer etc. But still many women still need cooperation and assistance. They still need more cooperation in education, independence work, safe travel, safe work and social freedom. This work of women empowerment is very important because India's socio-economic progress depends on the socio-economic progress of its women.

“ महिलाओं की शक्ति को कम मत समझो, इनकी शक्ति को वहम मत समझो “